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Is There A Struggling Student In Your Life? Bright Braain Tutors is the Individualize Solution

Is your child struggling in the classroom? Have you tried a tutoring service where your child joins other children in a smaller classroom? Maybe they need some individualized instruction that simply can't be found in a classroom setting no matter how small. Maybe they need an approach to learning designed just for them as opposed to a learning style presented to everyone in a large classroom. Bright Braain Tutors is a system devised to find a qualified instructor with just the right teaching style for your child.

A Bright Braain Tutors Education Consultant performs a free assessment and consultation with your child and with you at your home at a time convenient to you. They personally match your child with an instructor who comes to your home when it suits your schedule. The tutor designs a plan just for your child based on what the assessment has found they need. No extra work is added to a struggling student's workload. The tutor will work with the same curriculum as the school and the same text books to help the child feel prepared and confident in class.

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Some people enjoy math just for the sake of math. It can seem like a perfect art; there is always a solution as opposed to the humanities where there are always different points of view. The math cu

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Good reading and writing skills are the basis of all other subjects; even math. If your child is struggling with Language Arts skills Bright Braain Tutors can provide them with a suitable tutor to a

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A Bright Braain Tutors tutor is personally matched with your child to help them with their Science studies. The initial assessment will help the Tutor and student know if reading and or math skills

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With Bright Braain Tutors, tutoring doesn’t end when high school ends. We have tutors who are experts in many fields of study including accounting.  Our initial accounting assessment will

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Bright Braain Tutors offers some of the greatest services that I believe are not found anywhere else. Their tutors are amazing, and are extremely helpful. They worked with me one on one throughout my high school career and because of them I am now studying civil engineering at York University. They helped me follow my dreams and helped me overcome and face my difficulties. I would recommend them to everyone that wants good grades and wants to succeed

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